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"The Italian Hearthrob" Tony Mecelli
Bio & Stats


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Height: 5'9        Weight: 165
Age: 19      Experience: Since 2003
Catch Phrase: Your Gonna Do The Italian Job To The Hearthrob
Influences: Shawn Michaels, Rhyno & Raven
Promotions : Georgia Wrestling Alliance GWA (GA)
                Awesome Pro Wrestling APW (FL)
Extreme Pro Wrestling EPW (GA)
Titles Held: GWA Crusierweight Champion

Tony was born January 1, 1985. He graduated highschool and not long after he started his wrestling career with the GWA. He was trained by Jarrod Michaels, Rebel Rob Lee and Preston Paradise. He has wrestled under names such as Inhumane Timmy Plaine, Prime Image, Tony "Prime Image" Mecelli and "The Italian Hearthrob" Tony Mecelli. Tony also was the first GWA Crusierweight Champion.